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Name an "epic" rock song!

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Name your favorites in the comments below and tell us why the song deserves to be called Epic.

So what constitutes an “Epic” rock song?

We want to know your thoughts but here are some of the key aspects we use to determine what Epic rock songs we perform:

Pass the test of time – the song may be popular when it is released, but is it memorable for decades or a minimum of 10 years?

Wide appeal – are people of all ages and genders familiar with the song and can sing along?

Unplugged – can the song translate to acoustic instruments and still be great?

Difficulty - is the song difficult to sing or play and therefore "epic"??

Join us as we discuss fun facts about these songs and discuss whether or not they should be called Epic! Comments and discussion below…

Inspired by MTV Unplugged, Epic Unplugged is an unforgettable, all-live music experience (complete with vocals, a full band, and a string quartet). Fans of all ages and backgrounds can sing along to epic rock from Queen, Muse, Pink Floyd, Killers, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and more!

You’ll also find us on Facebook (@epicunplugged), Instagram, Twitter (epicunplugged) and YouTube (Epic Unplugged).

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